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     At Samurai Archery (Singapore), we have experienced Archery instructors to oversee the safety and facilitation of programs, to ensure that you have an event that's fun & engaging, as well as safe for all ages.
Experienced Instructors

Our Archery instructors will guide you through:
  • The do-and-don'ts of Japanese Archery
  • Mechanics of Japanese Archery
  • Basic Japanese Archery coaching
  • Safety pointers for Japanese Archery

  •      Additionally, our Archery instructors are also in-charge of maintaining the equipment to ensure that it is safe for you to use in games.
    High Quality Bows

         The Japanese bow, “Yumi”, is perhaps the largest bow in the world. Towering at about 2.3metres, it is taller than most average persons, even when it’s resting on the floor!

    We use only high quality bows that feature:
  • long range but low contact impact
  • straight accurate arrow flight-path
  • awesome for photo taking!
  • Safe Arrows

         Our Archery instructors, experienced in the aero-dynamics of Archery, regularly check and maintain our arrows to make sure it's safe for usage.

         In addition to real sharp arrows used for target practice, we also use safe foam arrow for Team Building Battle games where participants can shoot at each other in a variety of mission scenarios.

         The foam tip is checked frequently especially, to make sure there is sufficient cushion so that the impact is low and soft during games.
    Protective Equipment

         Safety protective equipment are provided to ensure that you play our games smoothly and safety.

         For our Team Building Battle games, although the impact of a foam arrow is very low, you will still be provided with a Protective Face-mask to protect your vulnerable areas such as the eyes. All masks are disinfected before and after each game, and during our weekly maintenance cycle.


    If you’d like to organize a Samurai Archery event for team-building, birthday parties, general learning, please contact us and we’ll design a program suitable for you.

    Email: SamuraiArchery@gmail.com
    Phone: +65 9786 9083

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