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Team Building Battle Games

     Our Samurai Archery Team Building Battle Games pits you against opposing players by shooting them with safe foam arrows in a variety of mission scenarios!
     Our Team Building program comes with a quick crash-course on how to shoot Japanese Archery using traditional techniques.


A classic and very simple game.

Simply shoot down as many opponents as you can, to achieve victory!
Shogun Escort

You are escorting the Shogun, mighty General and ruler of the Samurai army, when you are ambushed by the rebels. Can you protect and escort him to safety?
Banzai Charge

In one last ditch effort, the enemy leader gave the order for a final Banzai Charge!

Can you shoot the enemy troops down before they overrun your camp?!


If you’d like to organize a Samurai Archery event for team-building, birthday parties, general learning, please contact us and we’ll design a program suitable for you.

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