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About Samurai Archery (Singapore)

     Samurai Archery (Singapore) is run by a team with 10 years of experience in conducting team-building events. Our team of experienced Archers will help to teach you proper Archery shooting techniques, as well as guide you through the game levels. Our Lead Coach has also specially trained in Tokyo, Japan for the last 7 years to ensure quality in our programs.

Over the years, we have refined our games’ design to incorporate a strong team element, that naturally make people want to work together if they want to win.

We use safe foam-tipped arrows to allow players to shoot at each other safely, bringing you an exhilarating and safe experience of archery battle fun!

Professional Facilitation

     Our facilitators will teach you the basics of Japanese Archery, as well as guide you through the entire program and game rules.

We can also help you in other areas of event planning such as catering, and any other special requirements that you might have.
Learn Samurai Values

     Our Lead Coach and program designer is privileged to be part of a 400-years-old Samurai school in Tokyo, Japan.

     Our programs are designed to be engaging and interesting, as well as seek to impart the values and virtues of ancient Samurai to participants, such as:

  • Commitment to goal
  • Focus & concentration
  • Grace under pressure
  • Fighting spirit
  • Self-reflection
  • Team Building Battle Games

         Safe foam arrows are used in our Team Building Battle Games, so that players can shoot at each other safely in a variety of mission scenarios of different difficulty levels that requires teamwork, such as:

  • Team Deathmatch
  • Escort The Shogun
  • Banzai Charge!
  • Capture The Takara-mono
  • Castle Siege

  • Contact

    If you’d like to organize a Samurai Archery event for team-building, birthday parties, general learning, please contact us and we’ll design a program suitable for you.

    Email: SamuraiArchery@gmail.com
    Phone: +65 9786 9083

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